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“We are out of the ordinary, and that is what makes us extraordinary”

In summary Social Media Consultancy SA does the following for its clients:

We –

  • “Clean & Streamline” your existing Facebook page. (right back to founding date)
  • Make sure that your account has ALL the correct information on e.g. address, email, contact numbers, google maps etc.
  • Ensure that it is a verified Business Page to increase your visibility.
  • Post min 5 days of the week to ensure people/followers stay interested in your business (posts are done when reaches are the highest and at the correct times).
  • Create awareness on your page.
  • Link your Facebook to your website, online booking systems & other online App’s e.g. TripAdvisor & Google Plus etc.
  • Post, respond, comment as your business, hence your clients are not aware that it is an outsourced company doing it.
  • We ensure that your promotions & events are marketed and convert “leads to business”.
  • Ensure your Facebook & Instagram is professional and in line with your brand identity.
  • Once off Professional Portfolio Photoshoot for each business page.
  • Our call centre monitors your Facebook 24hours a day to ensure that any activity is responded too e.g. Reviews, comments and tagging, e.g. Should a guest/person review or comment you are notified at once, be it positive or negative. Reaction time is crucial!
  • We create Instagram accounts which in turn are linked to your Facebook page.
  • We cross share and market your Facebook Business page on our online pages which has on active online following of over 70 000 people!
  • Your Website, Business Facebook & Instagram accounts are listed on our client’s page giving you even more exposure on the internet and Google rankings.

The process is very simple once you approve, you simply make us an “admin” on your current page and we take it from there.

NOTE: You never lose control and you can monitor all activity from your side.

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